Streamline ID, bank account and credit card verification.

Identify helps protect your business from the growing risk of customer, invoice and supplier fraud. Available across New Zealand and Australia, Identify is a fast, web-based, process for qualifying a customer or supplier’s identity. It enables you to fast track onboarding and account changes while preventing damaging exposure to fraud. Identify facilitates the retrieval of information directly from an online banking facility. Providing a user-friendly interface, your customers and suppliers can easily and quickly retrieve their information to verify their ownership of a bank account and other key information.

Identify enables data retrieval from more than 150 financial institutions across New Zealand and Australia, granting you extensive access to financial information for your customers and suppliers.

Offering a range of delivery options, Identify provides the data in PDF and JSON/XML formats. This ensures the data is optimised for automation and integration into your system, in the format you require.

Your customers and suppliers want a seamless experience engaging with you. But you need to “Know Your Customer” and the entity you are disbursing funds to. Don’t fall victim to the increasingly common fraudulent communication in regards to supplier bank account details and invoices. Using identify you can acquire the necessary information to complete the transaction and rely on the knowledge that the customer is authentic and your business is safe from fraud.