illion Tenancy is the most comprehensive tenancy checking solution in the country. The market leader for property managers, franchise owners and private landlords conducting background credit and risk checks on prospective tenants.

Property managers, franchise owners and private landlords face a significant risk to their properties. Certain tenants may cause costly damage via physical destruction of the premises, e.g. using the property to create meth labs etc. illion Tenancy mitigates these risks by helping you understand exactly who the applicant is, ensuring your property and investments are protected. illion Tenancy is an online portal for accessing consolidated reports to determine the risk factor of commercial and residential housing applicants.

Tenancy Risk Score

illion Tenancy provides a unique and easy to understand benchmark score when tenant checking, where Tenants are graded from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Below Average’. Alongside the score, the percentile rank shows just where your tenant fits in the spectrum of all tenants.

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Tenancy Risk Report

illion Tenancy uses our credit bureau’s consumer data to provide an easy to understand Tenancy Risk Report. Sourcing relevant information from extensive data registries, this report offers key insights into prospective tenants.

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