ID, Fraud & AML

Better know your customer to meet your AML/CFT obligations and detect, prevent and safeguard against fraudulent activity with a suite of products designed to empower businesses to operate safely and efficiently.

illion’s ID, Fraud and AML capability gives businesses the proficiency to verify a persons identify and detect and prevent fraudulent activity using a multitude of specialty products.


illion greenID is an online verification and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) service that verifies the identity (ID) of customers in real-time. Customers are verified against a range of data sources, which include government, public and proprietary data sources. illion greenID’s platform is enabled to quickly, accurately and easily verify an individual’s identity. Our multi-stage verification model checks multiple data sources in real-time to match name, address and date of birth details.

Extreme Credit Risk (ECR)

illion’s Extreme Credit Risk (ECR) solution allows businesses in the telecommunications and unsecured finance sectors to make real-time credit assessments, and identify customers with a high credit or fraud risk. Combining illion’s consumer credit bureau and analytics, illion’s ECR solution is customisable and can be integrated into your internal systems.


illion’s market-leading BankStatements technology provides a lighting fast, frictionless web-based solution for the retrieval of bank statement data, that boosts conversion rates for lenders and brokers. Our technology is used by thousands of lenders and brokers in New Zealand and Australia.

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Device Intelligence

Checks if a single device is being used in fraudulent activity and creates and alert. Device Intelligence creates and sends and alert to customers if a single device is attempting to make multiple applications, allowing the businesses to explore and determine if any fraudulent activity is being committed.


Identify helps protect your business from the growing risk of customer, invoice and supplier fraud. Available across New Zealand and Australia, Identify is a fast, web-based, process for qualifying a customer or supplier’s identity. It enables you to fast track onboarding and account changes while preventing damaging exposure to fraud.

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AML Remediation

AML obligations require Reporting Entities to ensure they are compliant with legislation by verifying that their customer data is, and remains up to date. Since the introduction of AML legislation, illion has been working closely with a significant number of the 1000+ impacted NZ organisations. Helping to validate incorrect, incomplete or out of date information on individuals, and correct any discrepancies through a range of exclusive data sources.

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