Consumer Risk

Better understand the risks and opportunities involved with your current and prospective customers with illion’s consumer risk solutions.

Driven by the data of illion’s comprehensive credit bureau, our analytics, software, and predictive scorecards can help you reduce credit and fraud risks, identify and tailor new lending opportunities, manage your customer identification and verification compliance requirements, and track debtors and lost customers with real-time search and locate solutions.


As business conditions in credit provision become more dynamic and ever more challenging, illion’s Evaluation capabilities helps businesses mitigate consumer risk by effectively and efficiently assessing existing and new customers to better determine viability. With access to unique and comprehensive data via illion’s Consumer Bureau, businesses have the tool to evaluate successfully.

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Credit Analytics

Credit Analytics enables an entirely new way to blend traditional bureau data with spend analytics to offer unique insights on consumer and SME behavior. With extensive bureau data on over 18 million individuals, Credit Analytics provides insights and solutions to clients in the financial services, telecommunications, utilities and government sectors.

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Credit Monitoring

Boost business performance by monitoring information to identify any previously unseen risk exposure.

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As the insurance industry rapidly evolves, insurers need to position themselves to be able to respond quickly to customer risk requirements and to be able to identify each customer’s unique set of risks. illion enables you to identify and verify customers, protect your book against fraud, market effectively with the most appropriate offers at the right time, and more. Armed with these innovative tools, you are able to confidently acquire and retain the right customers, improve underwriting and policy pricing, compete more effectively and grow.


illion Tenancy is the most comprehensive tenancy checking solution in New Zealand. The market leader for property managers, franchise owners and private landlords conducting background credit and risk checks on prospective tenants.

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ID, Fraud & AML

Better know your customer to meet your AML/CFT obligations and detect, prevent and safeguard against fraudulent activity with a suite of products designed to empower businesses to operate safely and efficiently.

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illion Transaction Risk Score

The illion Transaction Risk Score (iTRS) allows illion’s customers to improve their credit management with more informed underwriting and pricing. Leveraging illion’s BankStatements capability, iTRS provides powerful new insights into applicants’ financial behaviour.

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