Data and analytics products and services to help you locate, verify, assess and onboard customers.

Consumer Risk

Better understand the risks and opportunities involved with your current and prospective customers with illion’s consumer risk solutions.

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Open Data Solutions

Fast, flexible, and powerful, Open Data Solutions makes bank statement retrieval and categorisation frictionless and positions illion at the forefront of Open Banking in our region.

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Scoring and Validations

illion has a dedicated team of data science and analytics specialists who are solely focused on scoring and validations.

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Commercial Risk

By unlocking data-driven insights about the commercial entities you do business with, illion helps you to make more informed credit decisions, ultimately helping you to minimise risk.

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Marketing Solutions

Maximising your sales and marketing investment is all about intelligent decision making powered by access to the best quality data and analytics.

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Credit Strategy and Analytics

illion’s commercial and consumer risk scores result from hundreds of distinct data sets we receive and process regularly.

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