Innovative end-to-end debt recovery solutions.

Focused on driving industry leading recovery strategies and amplifying our ever expanding data assets to create the most sophisticated and effective receivables management processes in the region.

illion is the market leader in receivables optimisation and the region’s oldest and most respected credit bureau. Our Receivables Optimisation services, formerly delivered under Dun & Bradstreet in Australia & New Zealand, leverage our market position, unique data, and analytics capabilities, allowing us to set new standards in the industry.

Data and innovation drive our responsible approach to debt recovery. As the Government Collector of Choice and Australia’s largest provider of contingent receivables management services, we are trusted by the highest levels of government and championed by many of Australia’s most recognisable brands as a true partner in their sustainable future growth and profitability.

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Analytical Approach

We stand by our ability to responsibly and sustainably pursue and recover more deliquent receivables than any other receivables management company.

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Legal Services

Law firms usually rely on a one size fits all approach to debt recovery, which is costly and ineffective.

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Digital Tech Solutions

Flexible, self-service digital communications and payment solutions that make illion the only company in Australia and New Zealand that can deliver against the entire customer lifecycle.

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Analytical Data Cleansing

illion has Australia’s most unique and rich permitted data set and can use this to power your business and supplement your contact data sources.

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Receivables Management and Analytics

illion is leading the industry in the application of advanced behavioural models to drive sustainable improvements in recovery rates for our customers.

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