Our Complaints Handling Procedure has been developed in accordance with the Standards for Complaints Handling AS ISO 10002:2006 and, promotes timely and efficient handling of complaints in a fair and objective manner.

Please note that illion defines a complaint as a pursued problem. It is important the relevant department of illion has the opportunity to address the matter in the first instance. This will allow for the issue to be resolved quickly and potentially avoid the matter escalating to a complaint unnecessarily.

Where an illion customer or individual has not had an issue resolved to their satisfaction, illion provides the opportunity for these issues to be resolved through the its complaint handling process.

Once a complaint is received a Complaints Handling Officer will be assigned to the complaint, they will acknowledge the complaint within five working days and then respond with written advice of the resolution as soon as possible thereafter:

  • For Australia – this will generally be within 30 days of receiving the complaint;
  • For New Zealand – this will generally be as soon as practicable after 15 working days from receiving the complaint.

It is important to note that we may need to obtain additional information from other parties in order to resolve a complaint, this may lead to delays in being able to respond fully, if this occurs we will contact you and agree or advise on the additional time required.

It is often preferable to document the nature of the complaint to ensure the details are clearly understood, to do this please complete the on-line Complaints Lodgment form below.

Lodge a complaint online

AustraliaNew Zealand

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On receiving your complaint we will acknowledge receipt and then respond in writing as soon as the appropriate review has been undertaken. If additional information is required we will contact you using the information provided above please confirm your preferred method of communication:PhoneEmailRegular mail

Alternatively, you can download a Complaint Lodgment Form.pdf and return it to:

Attention to:
Complaints Department
illion Australia
PO Box 7405, St Kilda Rd
Melbourne VIC 3004

e. chc-au@illion.com.au
f. (03) 9828 3447

New Zealand
Attention to:
Complaints Department
illion New Zealand
PO Box 9589, Newmarket
Auckland 1031

e. chc-nz@illion.co.nz
f. (09) 309 2050

If the complaint continues to be unresolved there may be the option to escalate the matter to an external body. If the matter relates to privacy this could be to:

If your complaint relates to credit reporting information it may be helpful to refer to your Summary of Rights.